All-in-One LED Display

Remuneration & welfare & working condition

We offer the competitive remuneration & full welfare system to every employee strived all time without any vital misgiving!
  • With five Insurance and one housing Fund

  • the holidays on paying

  • quarter team-building

  • complementary charge to housing

  • complementary charge to mobile phone

  • snacks, supply of fruits

Working in XMOZU

There are the people here insisting to implement each task, holding the dream but daring to say true words . They firmly believe to do work well without any speculation, they believe the dream on doing details step by step ,but not always utility . Here, we build up the stage of respectable dreams, scheme the pure enterprise ‘s condition, pursue the origin of excellent products and company’s culture on working hard.


  • Industry development director

    Industry Development Director

    1. Successful cases of sales of electronic equipment;

    2. Overseas sales or technical engineers can communicate with customers in English and accessible;

    3. Strong achievement motivation and result orientation.

    4. Better experience in LED display / LCD advertising / community media / intelligent community industry with rich sales experience;


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