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LED CHINA 2017 | LED All-in-one Machine, Simple, Cool

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In LED CHINA 2017, try to operate LED all-in-one machine with simplest operation and coolest appearance!

On September 20th – 22nd, LED CHINA 2017 will be held in Shanghai. Known as the global LED industry benchmarking event, LED CHINA 2017 is expected to attract buyers from more than 130 countries and regions to come.

During the exhibition, the world's first all-in-one LED display, including rental screen (can be installed by one person), retail screen (can be mounted on wall), rolling screen (can be arbitrarily bended) will be brought by XMOZU to show on E2-C31 Booth.

--Hanging · Rental Screen

The hanging rental screen built by LED all-in-one machine & hanging bracket, has IP65 waterproof level, can be assembled in 5 seconds without using tools, and can be controlled by smart phone. It is called "outdoor rental screen with magical waterproof function", can instantly ignite the on-site atmosphere!

Hanging · rental screen is simple and beautiful. The screen with ultra-thin design (only 33mm) can be perfectly applied in narrow space.

-- Wall Mounting · Retail Screen

The wall mounting · retail screen built by LED all-in-one machine & front maintenance bracket is called as a "Visual Drainage System (VDS)" by the retailers. Locks installation and maintenance way not only can save the installation space but also allow the screen has beautiful appearance.

Wall Mounting · Retail Screen controlled by mobile phone APP, has a more flexible way to interact to seize more sales opportunities. The screen has gradually become an indispensable choice for retail advertising!

--Arbitrarily Bendable· Rolling Screen

The rolling screen is a flexible, lightweight, ultra-thin bendable LED display. Thickness is only 26mm, no need for support structure, very easy to install, you can directly paste it to the wall surface. Wiring, control and power electronics are integrated together to reduce cable disorder.

Bendable rolling screen is easy to use, can be assembled arc shape; can create different stage effect, making the stage more magic!

--See you on E2-C31

September 20th – 22nd , Xmozu Display cordially invites you to visit the E2-C31 booth, to operate LED all-in-one machine with simplest operation and coolest appearance!

Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

Address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

For more information please contact:


Zheng Li  Domestic Sales Director

Tel: 13699846753


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