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XMOZU All-in-One LED display debuts InfoComm USA 2017

2017-09-13publisher:Xmozutag:XMOZU All-in-One LED xmozu  InfoComm USA

InfoComm USA 2017, XMOZU revealed its latest commercial display ----All-in-One LED display.

InfoComm USA 2017 was held in Orlando America on June 14,2017. XMOZU revealed it's latest All-in-One LED display and flexible mesh display.

XMZOU All-in-One LED display is super thin and super light, it can be widely applied for different applications, such as events, retail store, outdoor advertising, mobile van etc.

XMOZU All-in-One LED display integrates system, power source and lamp together, it's very friendly operation for end-user. Front maintenance solution makes display mounted on the wall like a poster, specific suitable for retail store.

The retail application solution provided by XMOZU All-in-One LED display is the best solution for new retail market. It's not just a hardware, it's VDSS(visual drainage system) and will help retail brand get more business opportunities.

For media application, XMOZU All-in-One LED display can be mounted on the wall. The location that limited by traditional bulky cabinet display can be applied as an advertising platform. In the mean time, it can realize interaction between audiences and display, it can let your creativity be realized and make ads be attractive.

For mobile van application, the All-in-One LED display is super thin&light, and can be controlled by APP.

Easy-transport rental solution. IP65, 5S assemble and can be curved to ARC. It can satisfy different kinds of events.

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Purchaser and end-user experiencing MOZU All-in-One LED display 


All-in-One LED display for retail application

All-in-One LED display for rental application

All-in-One LED display for mobile van application

Flexible LED display R8-i

Client was addicted to R8-i

Overseas clients show strong willingness to cooperate with XMOZU

XMOZU · LED All-in-One, A Cloud!

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