All-in-One LED Display

Expand LED

Display Application

Integrated All-in-One

Smart control

Real consumer grade LED display, Flexible DIY

Ultra-slim and light weight

Small Space Occupied

Flexible Installation

Integrated All-in-One

Ultra-slim and light weight

Ultra Slim and Light Weight

Lower Freight.


light weight

Lower Freight

Simple Installation Without

Professional Construction Engineer and Complex Steel Structure

light and slim

one person installation

Smart Phone Control

And Easy for Users

Smart Phone Control

interactive experience

Easy to Maintain and

Replace Without Engineer

Easy Maintenance

saving labor, time and cost

Intelligent Power

Power Saving

Intelligent Brightness control

Power Saving


Terminator of Traditional LED Module

33mm, 1.65kg, Minimalism.

Patent Front Maintenance Bracket

Patent Front Maintenance Bracket, 2s Quick Installation and Disassembling by Push, With Magnet-located and Mechanical lock.

Customized Waterproof Connector

200w/m2 Ave. Power Consumption

200w/m2  Ave. Power Consumption, 400w/m2 max. Power Consumption, 40% Saving Compared with Traditional LED Display.

IP67 Waterproof and Dust Resistance

IP67 Waterproof and Dust Resistance, Supports Outdoor 60℃ Working Circumstances.

Smart Phone APP Control Via WIFI

Terminator of Traditional LED Module

power supply, LED lamp, receiving card, driving IC,4-in-1 LED display.

Data and Power Cables Integrated into One

Cloud Cluster Management Enables Smart Phone, Pad, PC to Monitor LED Display Group Remotely.


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