All-in-One LED Display

The benefits of LED

Display for Media

XMOZU All-in-One LED display solution makes many ordinary public metope which cannot adopt with traditional LED screens extreme valuable, because of its ultra-thin design.

It’s not only a screen, but also an entrance to interaction and make business done.

“Screen is everywhere, where the eyes are, money must follow.”

——Kevin Kelly

Nowadays, a large number of outdoor billboards is everywhere, but many of them are incompatible with the surrounding environments, which greatly influenced the landscape of the city. The approval of installation of outdoor screen will become more and more complicated, the management of outdoor advertising will be more and more strict.

——《Outdoor electronic display installation standard of Beijing City》

Why XMOZU is more Suitable for Commercial Display?

Disadvantage of

Traditional advertising equipment

Outdoor LED Display

•need reserve backend maintenance space, 

•high space occupation, 

•high maintenance cost, also it’s hard to get approval from the government;

Outdoor LED Display

•Outdoor LED display is with high power consumption, 

•troublesome installation and transportation

LCD Advertisement Machine

•Only suitable for indoor
•low brightness, small screen,
•advertisement reach rate is low.

Light box

•Light box is with static images, it’s hard to catch the attention of the audiences.
•It’s troublesome to change the advertisement content, same content for a long time;

The advantages of

XMOZU All-in-One LED Display

•Suitable for narrow space, small changes to the building exterior wall decoration;
•Half outdoor small screen, avoid outdoor screen approval issue;
•Light metal structure, micro engineering, single person can deal with the installation easily;
•Power Saving, no air conditioning, light transportation;
•High brightness, IP67 waterproof, long lifespan, high durable return rates;

XMOZU All-in-one LED Display  PK  Traditional P6 LED Display
    XMOZU X6-O Traditional P6
Basic Parameters
Refresh Frequency
IP Grade
Front IP67/Rear IP67
Front IP65/Rear IP43
Appearance Product Pattern All in one Assembly Screen
Installation & Maintenance
Front Maintenance
No maintenance space
Surface installation
Push & Eject/2Second
magnent & Screw/5Minites
Control & Configration
Automatic brightness adjustment
Control Device
Remote management
Screen temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Cluster Management
Mobile Phone
Power Consumption Average Power Consumption 0.2kw 0.35kw

XMOZU All-In-One

Display solutions
  • Outdoor small screen
  • +
  • store front signage
  • +
  • light music
  • +
  • cloud content
  • +
  • mobile control

XMOZU all-in-one LED display audience coverage

Other LED display audience coverage

Easy to get approval and easy installation; Wide coverage, average cost is low; AR interactive experience,able to work with XBOX, more possibility for advertisement creativity; Option with face recognition function, able to collect information, analysis of advertising effect; Use the screen as sales machine, scan code to pay, add sales value;

How to choose , install

And operate XMOZU ?

Super simple DIY

•Light and thin design makes an easy transportation, save at least 1/2 delivery cost; 
•Support 3.5mm audio nterface, plug and play;
•320*320mm module design,match different size requirement;

Cluster Management

•Support IOS and android;
•Multi-screen management via smart phone/PC;
•Real-time remote monitoring;

Screen Interactive, immersive experience

•Smart hardware can support interaction between people and the scree;
•Media advertising can be also fun;

Outdoor wall-mounted small screen is more suitable for shopping centers

•4~8㎡ small screen,with brightness 5500nits,
•couldcover distance within 30 m;
•Simple installation, front maintenance, slim size,
•no cabinet, no influence to the building structure;

Smart hardware All-In-One

•Ultra-light  and thin design:1.65kg, 33mm thickness
•Easy installation & maintenance:3 hours installation,5 seconds maintenance;
• Open platform, can be integrated with various intelligent modules;

APP Smart S/W

•Mobile control, real-time interactive;
žžžž•APP Control;
•Fast programming management;

Safe and convenient

No need for a separate power distribution cabinet, just normal100~240V household power is okay;

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