Application of Transparent LED Display in Scene

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have chosen transparent LED display screens for their color-painted glass storefronts, large shopping centers, experiential exhibition halls, and other venues. As for commercial displays, fashionable brands and high-end products prefer to use transparent LED display screens to enhance their brand style. When playing advertising content, the transparent background can add a sense of technology and emphasize the visual effect of the product.

How to choose the transparent LED display?

  • The hard LED strip transparent screen has approximately 60% to 80% air permeability and is currently the mainstream product on the market with mature product, technology, and supply chain systems;

    The strict control of the supply chain and manufacturing cost by transparent LED display manufacturers is the key consideration, and the design team and users pay attention to the characteristics of simplicity, affordability, and high cost-effectiveness.

    For example, in the digital dance and beauty field, which has always attached great importance to the interpretation of beauty, transparent screens have brought new fashion to the stage in the absence of breakthroughs in traditional LED display screens. They can display corresponding content when lit up, and the transparent LED display screen can be invisible when not lit, making it very suitable for the constantly changing stage.

    The application of LED in digital dance and beauty is particularly eye-catching. By using high-transparency transparent LED display screens, a dreamy and cool style is created, combining light and images to create a colorful visual feast;

  • The soft LED film can be attached and hung, super thin and light, and can be flexibly cut according to the size and structure, and surface mounted. The transparent LED display screen partition is mainly used in commercial complexes, atriums, sightseeing elevators, glass railings, and many small spaces on glass walls where installation was not possible previously.

  • Photoelectric glass screen uses photoelectric technology and glass manufacturing process, which can be widely used in building curtain walls, shop windows, exhibition halls, museums, and other places.

The application of transparent LED display screens in scenes

Transparent LED display screens not only ensure that lighting fixtures and angle ranges for wooden floors, curtain wall glass, and windows are taken into account in natural environments, but also have excellent heat dissipation and aging resistance. Installation, maintenance, and upkeep of transparent LED display screens are extremely convenient, eliminating the limitations of traditional LED display screens in applications on curtain wall glass.

Transparent LED display screens are widely loved in the sales market due to their key characteristics such as transparency, lightness, easy installation, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, with the continuous development trend and independent innovation of transparent LED display screens, which is widely required in commercial service display screen sales markets, they may become increasingly irreplaceable in urban management and display.

The main uses of transparent LED display screens

Promoting tourist attractions

The transparent screen can display content related to the history, culture, art, and introduction of tourist attractions, allowing tourists to have a deeper understanding of the culture, art, and characteristics of the tourist attractions.


The transparent LED display screen can be used as a youth education industry base, with schools organizing events to watch detailed introductions about tourist attractions, cultural art, and historical events, enriching the educational approach.

Information release

A variety of information content including text, images, and videos can be publicly released, with data encryption and content approval systems ensuring the reasonable, legal, and compliant management of published content. Transparent LED display screens have personalized variety program management methods and can play full-screen content according to the pre-written time and order.

City and government propaganda

It can play video city propaganda and government propaganda content in coordination with traditional festivals and key theme activities, enriching propaganda methods. Transparent LED display screens can improve the city's brand image and expand the government's work visibility.