XMOZU AIOT offers LED overall solutions to a wide range of market demand with core patented technology

XMOZU AIOT pioneer the comprehensive LED technology of transparent LED display, All-in-One display, LED control system & Software. Our versatile displays meet the demands of Stage & Rental, Media, Retail and Cutural applications.


Thousands of projects around the world

Our products have been showcased on Pyeongchang Winter Olympis, Brazil World Cup, Milan World Expo, Nanjing Youth Olympics


Creative Solutions For Every Market


Ranging from Stage & Rental, Media, Retail, to Cultural travelling application, we will deliver the most cutting-edge solution.

Transparent LED unique digital display is capable of turning a commercial place where need advertising, such as glass window, glass façade, video wall or large indoor (commercial) spaces, into a more valuable media pitch and that with unique visual impact. YIPLED® transparent led display screens retain graceful appearance and high transparency, becoming a media that totally new, irreplaceable and more extensive for commercial applications, and leveraging the larger advertising markets. 

XMOZU pioneers a new market with innovation LED All-in-One display, customers can simply and independently use LED display anywhere.
XMOZU | As a global leading corporation in LED commercial display solutions, creates an era without receiving a card for LED display, committing to manufacturing
“XMOZU Series" products, providing a real sense of civilian LED display.
YDEA offers LED overall solutions to a wide range of market demand. With core patented technology, YDEA provides the market with overall solutions like All-In-One, LED intelligent transparent screen, LED advertising machine both indoor & outdoor, LED Curtain screen, LED Matrix, LED rolling display, etc.

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