Crystal Carbon Series - Guangzhou Theatre

The Crystal Carbon Series LED carbon fibre ice screen from Shenzhen in the Far East was brilliantly presented on the stage of the Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Centre for the drama To The World.

Product Model: Crystal Carbon series carbon fibre ice screen (Crystal Carbon)

Product specification: P3.9*7.8mm

Installation Location: Guangzhou, China

Product Quantity: 119 sq. ft.

Installation date: July 2021

Installation site: Guangzhou Drama Art Centre

Product parameters: positive luminescence, dot pitch: P3.9*7.8mm

Pixel point: >500nits, grey level: 14bit,

Refresh rate: >3840Hz, pixel density: 32768 dots/m2.

Advantages: ultra-light and thin, fast installation, >60% transmission rate, low brightness and high grey

Case size: 1000*500mm, module pixel dots: 256*64

Module weight: 3.25kg per screen, 6.5kg per square meter

P3.9*7.8 Crystal Carbon

Crystal Carbon series transparent screen has ultra-thin and transparent products, weight down to 6kg/sqm, transparency rate > 60%, low brightness and high grey, adjust the brightness without losing the color of the product display, image reproduction degree reaches the most beautiful, like oil painting, under the brightness of 300cd/m2 display!

To The World, a large-scale original play, is the Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Centre's yearly show for 2021. The play's substance and purpose, "Technology for Self-Reliance and Self-Empowerment," is one of the most "fresh" concepts rarely seen in the recent decade, making it a challenging and, of course, expensive production. To The World" premiered in the Guangzhou Grand Theatre in July 2021 for two performances, and will return to Theatre 13 from January 7 to 9, 2022 for a new round of tweaks and polishing, including a new screenplay, choreography, lighting, and more.

The main characters "You Daosheng" and "Guoxun," a group of people, work together to build a Chinese technology enterprise. This drama focuses on the communications industry, with both domestic and foreign threads running concurrently, and tells the story of China's leaps and bounds in communications technology over the past 30 years.


To The World is based on the core subject of "Technology for Self-Reliance and Self-Empowerment," and it has a lot of technology in its choreography. Shaking cars, control consoles, LED light screens, crystal carbon series LED carbon fibre ice screens, projection screens, and gauze screens are among the high-tech media used on the stage, which is a four-story super high arena.


All of them are projection screens made of technological "crystal carbon ice."

Among them, the crystal carbon series of carbon fibre ice screens in theatrical usage to reach the most domestic theatre at the moment, each screen can stand behind the players, increasing the intensity of the contrast. The combination of an ice screen and a projection creates a three-dimensional effect and a richer sense of hierarchy.