Dancing Bay Area - Crystal Carbon Series Transparent Screen

Product Model: Crystal Carbon series carbon fibre ice screen (Crystal Carbon)

Product specification: P3.9*7.8mm

Installation Location: Shenzhen, China

Product quantity: 50 square feet

Date of use: December 2021

Location: Shenzhen Poly Theatre

Product parameters: positive luminescence, dot pitch: P3.9*7.8mm

Pixel point: >500nits, grey level: 14bit,

Refresh rate: >3840Hz, pixel density: 32768 dots/m2.

Advantages: ultra-light and thin, fast installation, >60% transmission rate, low brightness and high grey

Case size: 1000*500mm, module pixel dots: 256*64

Module weight: 3.25kg per screen, 6.5kg per square meter

Crystal Carbon P3.9*7.8

Crystal Carbon series transparent screen has a variety of features: ultra-light, thin, and transparent products, with weights as low as 6kg/sqm, a transparency rate of > 60%, low brightness, and high grey, allowing you to adjust the brightness without losing the color of the product display. At 300cd/m2, the image reproduction degree reaches the highest level, just like an oil painting!

In December, In The Future (Shenzhen) AIOT Technology Co., Ltd assisted in the pursuit of a century party dream in the Bay Area, using transparent LED ice screen construction, "crystal carbon series of transparent screen" is 60 percent permeability, ultra-light and thin transparent, low brightness and high grey, 6.5 kg per square meter. The stage structure's installation and commissioning went swiftly and smoothly thanks to its small weight of 6.5 kilograms per square foot.

Each side of the ice screen will be separated and lifted at any time, according with the session and ambiance of the show, changing the stage pattern and displaying countless changes of shape at any time and everywhere when the backstage programmers are dynamically controlled. In the third area, the show's creative and interactive features will be a magnificent experience for both the crowd and the television audience.