Discovering the Advantages of Digital Advertising Screens

The emergence of digital advertising screens

Outdoor advertising is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies worldwide in recent years. It is a sweet moment, contrasting sharply with the declining interest in traditional marketing. Therefore, these two factors explain why digital advertising screens are a product with constantly growing demand. In the current context dominated by new technologies, organizations are not unfamiliar with the disadvantages of lifetime advertising: in addition to requiring greater economic investment, measuring its impact is not easy, and it requires a lot of resources to create and maintain advertising information, especially in terms of design, installation, and replacement. In this case, digital advertising screens are an ideal choice.

Moreover, some recent studies support the effectiveness of these forms of communication and promotion. Needless to say, one survey concluded that ¼ of consumers pay attention to outdoor advertising. If they were specifically asked about data related to motion images, the figure would likely be even higher, as it is often more eye-catching for passers-by.

The benefits of digital advertising screens

In fact, digital signage is on the rise. But what encourages companies to embrace this form of advertising? In fact, there is no single reason, but rather a comprehensive advantage that makes digital advertising screens a safe choice for any business. We summarize them below. It allows for more creative information and formats. Everyone knows that originality is a necessary condition for attracting the attention of passers-by. Therefore, it is crucial not to give it up and avoid time or format limitations. This is what digital billboards can offer you. With them, it is up to the advertiser to decide how to combine video, photos or text. Your imagination is the only limit. Are you up for the challenge?

They are very suitable for personalized information. In an increasingly diverse and fiercely competitive market, providing ads that are as close as possible to potential buyers' needs and preferences is an irreplaceable aspect. By making outdoor digital advertising screens different from static billboards, you can choose when and where to publish specific information and ads, depending on the business goals targeted by the brand.

The number of announcements and messages that can be published is unlimited. Forget the limitations of traditional billboards, which only play one ad during a given period of time. With LED billboards, an endless amount of content can be played 24 hours a day. They have longer durability and provide higher quality than traditional TV monitors. Digital advertising screens provide higher brightness and resolution than traditional displays, ensuring that information can be seen perfectly even when the sun is shining directly on the screen.