How to Maintain Outdoor LED Display Stability and Display Effectiveness?

Outdoor LED Display with High Definition Display Effect

As the main carrier of video advertising, outdoor LED display screens require high-definition display effects. It not only needs high resolution, but also high brightness, high contrast, and so on.

High resolution ensures that high-quality advertising images can be presented well. The high brightness of LED display screens can ensure that images are displayed clearly under direct sunlight, and the high contrast is a strong guarantee for color uniformity and beautiful images.

Low Energy Consumption and Energy Saving of Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED display screens must respond to relevant calls, and energy saving and emission reduction must be important standards in manufacturing, including product power consumption, product scattering performance, and steel structure required for product installation.

Wide Viewing Angle of Outdoor LED Display

The main purpose of outdoor LED display screens is advertising and promotional images. Therefore, the main goal of outdoor LED display screens is to allow more audiences to see pictures and videos. It adopts a large viewing angle design to cover the viewing angle to the maximum extent.

High Protection Level of Outdoor LED Display

Since it is used outdoors, weather conditions must be considered. Outdoor LED display screens usually need to reach an IP65 protection level to fully adapt to various harsh weather conditions.

To ensure the maximum profit of customers, outdoor LED display screens must have strong weather resistance and can be used for a long time.

Installation of Outdoor LED Display

Site Survey

Before installing outdoor LED display screens, specific environments, terrains, light-emitting ranges, brightness acceptance, and other parameters should be tested. In order to ensure the smooth installation of billboards, the factory will send corresponding professional personnel to conduct on-site surveys and make corresponding plans.

Construction of Outdoor LED Display

For some outdoor LED display screens, they can be divided into three types: wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen, and roof advertising screen.

In the actual installation process, different screens use different methods for installation. For screens with relatively high installation positions, partial lifting should be carried out using cranes and hoisting machines according to the distance and height, and installation personnel should cooperate with each other.

Outdoor LED display screens used for aerial work have a better installation and use process.

Debugging of Light-Emitting Range

After the screen body is installed, we need to test a specific light radiation range. Due to the different light radiation ranges, the viewing angles of LED display screens are also different.

According to the on-site acceptance capacity, we must fix and install outdoor LED display screens within each person's normal viewing angle range to ensure that each angle is far from a certain distance, and you can see normal, balanced image and subtitle information to achieve the best effect of the display screen.

Post-Check and Maintenance

After the outdoor LED display screen is installed, many areas need to be checked, including the waterproofness of the LED display screen, the heat dissipation layer, the LED indicator waterproof coating, the rain cover on the display screen, the heat dissipation on both sides, the power lines, and many others. These basic components and products constitute the overall stability of the product.