How to Purchase Digital Advertising Screens?

The emergence of digital advertising screens

Today, there are more and more digital advertising screens in the centers of major cities around the world. This is motivated by the fact that traditional advertising is not very effective and companies need new, more modern and effective advertising media that will have a greater impact. So, if you want to attract the attention of potential customers, it makes sense to buy a huge LED screen. However, even if you are clear about your decision, there may still be questions about how to purchase digital advertising screens.

With the growth in sales of this product, many companies are incorporating this type of LED screen into their catalogs to take advantage of the current demand, which has resulted in many companies in this industry having no professional knowledge of the products and being simple distributors of digital advertising screens. Therefore, customers face a huge selection and such significant price differences that it may raise doubts about the right choice of the required giant LED screen. Therefore, they often ask us about what to consider when someone wants to buy an LED advertising board.

Things to consider before buying a digital advertising screen

The space you need for your digital advertising screen: Whether you want to place it in a store window or on the roof of a building or shopping center, it is important to consider your available space. This not only determines the effectiveness of the product, but also affects the price of the digital advertising screen. Therefore, thoroughly measure the area (height, width and length) and note it in millimeters, which is the unit of measurement for these monitors.

Is it for outdoor or indoor use? When considering where to place your new signage, you must consider whether it is indoors or outdoors, as this will also affect the final price. On the one hand, if your illuminated sign must be installed in an outdoor area, you will definitely need to cover them with a waterproof layer or have them equipped with an anti-destruct system so that they are always in operation.

How far do you want it to be seen from? Knowing how far you want the screen to be seen will determine the pixel size you need. By knowing the measuring values required for the display and the distance that you want it to be seen from, you can calculate how large the pixels need to be. Therefore, you will always get the desired results.

What kind of content do you want to play? Did you know that there are many ways to play content on digital advertising screens? Depending on your needs when buying a digital advertising screen, you should have one or the other. For example, if you know that you want to connect multiple devices (computers, tablets, etc.) to the screen, you should choose a synchronous player, while if you want to program and modify images that are remotely copied, it is best to choose an asynchronous player.