Importance of LED Displays to Businesses in Engaging Users

The importance of outdoor LED display screens for businesses

Outdoor LED display screens are extremely important for businesses. They are used to reinforce brand, promote products and services, or advertise sales and promotions on roadside billboards. Traditionally, businesses use static external signs made up of printed materials and painted logos. Recently, advancements in printing technology have introduced a range of new materials that can be installed almost anywhere, and many of these signs can be backlit for nighttime viewing.

For years, outdoor advertisers have relied on printed media, and the technology surrounding sign creation has slowly evolved over time. However, the introduction of outdoor LED display screens for commercial use was a turning point for outdoor signage. Billboards and outdoor signs could be colorful and feature realistic animation for the first time. We're not talking about the mechanical systems that rotate billboard content. This is genuine computer animation, much like early video games. Text on outdoor LED display screens can scroll left and right, or jump around. Basic geometric shapes are even possible.

The use of outdoor LED display screens

Public transportation outdoor LED display screens: For years, public transportation has been transitioning to digital media. The driving force behind the digitization is to provide passengers with time-sensitive information. Railway and bus stations use digital signs to notify passengers of arrival and departure times, timely/delay notices, route changes, and other important information. This is after airports and other transit hubs modernized their signage.

Fast food restaurants use outdoor LED display screens in the drive-thru. The displays are installed in strategic locations to convey "pre-sell" information and advertise high-margin items. Advertisements change throughout the day to match menu offerings. Driving through the sign has been proven to increase sales and profits.

Retail LED display screens are used by fuel retailers to increase sales in convenience stores with screens installed above pumps and on towers. Deals are advertised throughout the day and changed regularly without any manual intervention.

Outdoor LED display screens for sports venues: For years, sports venues have been using outdoor digital signage. Displays are installed inside and around concession stands, above entrances, and in open areas. The content is programmed to follow the calendar of events for the year. Outdoor LED display screens mix in advertisements, general information, and sports scores.