LED Display Screens for Everyday Life

LED displays for clinics and hairdressers

Other businesses that have seen their daily routines and operations change are clinics and hair salons. Aside from using personal protective equipment (PPE), performing daily disinfection tasks, and closing bathrooms for customers in certain cases, these centers also have to take away newspapers and magazines from waiting rooms. In order to make those moments before each visitor' s appointment or meeting more enjoyable, LED displays can be a great source of information or entertainment.

Additionally, for clinics and medical centers, content broadcasts can be used to promote the safety measures and protocols adopted, both within the facility and in public places. Besides containing useful information, this action will also be seen as a sign of commitment on the company's part, which will help improve business and brand image, attributed to this corporate social responsibility (CSR) action.

LED displays for museums

Using LED technology in museums is also a good idea, mainly for two reasons: to avoid the risk of virus spread by eliminating the need for guidebooks, and to avoid the need for touchscreens (if any). Although these provide a more interactive experience, the fact is that visitors constantly using them require disinfection after every use, which is impractical and usually not possible. This is why LED displays are the ideal choice for extending and clarifying exhibition content.

They can also be very useful for reminding visitors of new safety measures that will be applied in such installations, such as the need to respect distances between people, or the obligation to store backpacks or umbrellas in lockers and coatrooms, preferably protected by plastic bags.

LED displays for Smart Cities

One of the features of a Smart City is the use of ICT-based information actions. Given that authorities are taking measures to avoid large crowds gathering on the streets, this strategy will play an important role in the coming months.

Many of us have encountered streets where pedestrians do not keep a safe distance from each other during this health crisis. Considering the resulting chaos, the regulations may be changing every day, and the de-escalation phases allowing for certain measures may vary, the informative LED displays can effectively remind pedestrians of the rules they must always comply with. They can also point out which areas are the busiest, so those going out for exercise or walks can choose less crowded areas.