LED Display Screens Help Improve Company Brand Image

What is a LED display screen?

Before analyzing the advantages of using LED display screens for advertising purposes, it may be necessary to refresh some concepts about this technology. First, it is worth remembering that an LED display is a type of display that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to achieve high levels of brightness. Traditional LCD displays use fluorescent tubes, while LED displays use small diodes.

Compared to traditional TV monitors, the standout feature of these lights is the huge energy savings they offer, their resistance to constant switching, and their longer lifespan. Until a few years ago, the high cost of the first models on the market corresponded to the cost of LED screens, although LED screen prices have been sharply declining since 2010. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest milestones in the history of night-time advertising. Diodes work with DC power, so they include internal circuits and can work under standard AC voltage. Although LEDs are sensitive to high temperatures, LED displays are very heat-resistant because they contain heat diffusers.

The structure of LED display screens

In terms of color, LED display screens have three primary colors or more, such as combinations of red, green, blue, and yellow (RGBY); red, green, blue, and white (RGBW); or red, green, blue, yellow, and cyan (RGBYC). These pixel components, known as sub-pixels, play a critical role. Through the intensity of the light array, the screen reproduces the various color changes required for image output. On the other hand, LED display screens can have two types of brackets, classified according to the method of implanting the LEDs. In a full LED display screen, the diodes are located on the entire surface of the screen. In this case, the diodes are not necessarily white. They can also be red, green, or even blue. This method can achieve the best color broadcasting.

Why LED display screens contribute to enhancing a company's brand image

Using LED display screens, their location will no longer be a problem because you can program them anywhere. All you need is a device that can connect to the Internet. In this way, you will obtain more effective advertising because you will be able to adjust it to each time zone. Through this method, you can adjust the advertising messages according to different buyer roles, thereby optimizing the advertising effect and enhancing the profitability of LED display screens. Compared to traditional signs, the savings represented also have to do with the printing costs, time, and resources used for placing and removing advertising.

In addition to enhancing brand recognition, LED display screens are also an ideal tool for enhancing a company's reputation. Successful videos or attractive commercial quotes will help generate interest among passersby and even invite existing customers to repeat shopping experiences. Don't forget that moving images help retain advertising memory.