Solutions to the Brightness and Color Difference Problem of Outdoor LED Displays and Their Company S

Ⅰ. Solution to the problem of brightness and color difference of outdoor LED display

How to solve the "chromatic aberration" problem of outdoor LED display? With the rapid development of LED display industry technology, the application of LED display in the outdoor market is also like a fish in water. Walking on the street, conspicuous outdoor LED displays can be seen everywhere.

The brightness of the outdoor LED display is generally higher than 1500cd to ensure the normal operation of the outdoor LED display, otherwise the displayed image will be unclear due to the low brightness.

Exposure to high temperature environment for a long time may cause the brightness of the LED display to be too high. The most common way is to use aluminum fins as a part of the shell to increase the brightness. At the same time, it is also the lowest cost enhanced brightness, which uses the shape of the lamp housing to create an air of excessive brightness.

The brightness of the outdoor LED display made by transparent led screen manufacturer is mainly determined by the LED lamp beads. Poor or uneven brightness will cause the failure of the outdoor LED display.

In order to ensure that the color of the LED display is consistent with the color of the playback source, the white balance effect is an important indicator of the outdoor LED display.

The visual angle directly determines the audience of the LED display, so the bigger the better, the visual angle is mainly determined by the packaging method of the die.

If the brightness of the outdoor LED display is uneven, it may cause color cast on the screen, and the brightness difference of the outdoor LED display will cause the entire screen to be blurred.

Ⅱ. How to choose a company for outdoor LED display?

Where will the LED outdoor advertising screens be used now? In addition to stadiums, people can also imagine that outdoor LED displays are also used in outdoor places such as emergency command centers and square centers.

Outdoor LED display is expensive, how to choose a professional outdoor LED display company is the situation that will be discussed in detail below.

1. Different companies have different prices

Why pay attention to how much is the outdoor LED display? Since there are more and more production enterprises now, each enterprise not only has different strengths, but also has very different cost standards. If you have an in-depth understanding of the relevant situation, you will find that the more professional and reliable, the more affordable the price.

2. Calculated in square meters

In addition to the different cost standards of the company, due to the large number of product models, it will also play a certain role. The outdoor LED display is charged per square meter. If the installation specifications are larger, the natural cost will be slightly higher. It is recommended to consult the outdoor LED display company first to understand the specific price.

3. Established company for many years

How to choose a cooperative outdoor LED display company? This is something that bothers many people. In addition to emphasizing professional ability, entrepreneurial experience is also very important. It can be said that the longer the establishment and the richer the industry experience, the more reliable such a company is.