The Development of LED Display Creative Display

1. The technology of LED display

In the past, limited by technology, early LED displays only had a single function of displaying information and images.

However, with the advancement of technology, especially the advancement of process manufacturing, and the development of LED display control systems, LED displays have made great breakthroughs and development in terms of appearance and content.

Today, in technology, new technologies such as 3D display and VR (virtual reality) are being introduced into the application of LED display screens, which greatly enriches or changes the initial form of LED display screens.

Therefore, the LED display screen has become more and more humanized from the single passive acceptance method at the beginning, and can even realize the basic "human-computer interaction" mode. These intelligent development technologies will bring more creative space. 

Creative LED display not only needs to have the core technology of LED display, but also needs to have rich artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology and experience, from scheme design, product design, to installation and after-sales, there must be professionals.

In the future, creative LED display will be applied to various application places, such as urban light sculpture, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration, etc. LED creative display is one of the important ways for future cities to show culture and personality.

2. The LED display market

Compared with LCD and DLP, LED display is widely loved by consumers and favored by the market because of its inherent advantages such as high brightness, no pollution, seamless splicing, and no influence on area.

In the fierce market competition, LED screens shine with a variety of "creative displays" that break through the conventions. With the development of technology, the price of LED screen products is gradually falling, and price wars occur frequently, resulting in the continuous squeeze of the profits of enterprises. Such changes have brought a huge impact to the LED display market with low entry barriers.

On the other hand, after so many years of development in the LED display industry, the production capacity of some mid-to-low-end products is seriously overcapacity, which further deteriorates the market competition environment.

Enterprises are walking on thin ice and struggling in the brutal market competition. It is the intensification of market competition that has prompted many LED display manufacturers to start thinking about product differentiation.

From the perspective of consumers and the public, the traditional LED display is quite satisfactory, and the streets are full of squares or rectangles, and the way of display has brought serious aesthetic fatigue to people.

In this highly informatized and digital age, people are often not very interested in sparse and ordinary things, and LED displays, especially outdoor LED screens, often shoulder the heavy responsibility of information dissemination.

Therefore, in order to attract the attention of the public to the greatest extent, various creative displays have emerged, and more designers in the decoration industry have begun to integrate creative displays into their design concepts, which will make LED displays have wider and higher-end market applications.