To Youth and Tradition! YIPLED's Crystal Carbon Was Shown in the Dance Drama

Product model: Crystal Carbon series of carbon fiber ice screen

Product specifications: P3.9*7.8mm

Installation place of products: Guangzhou, China

Number of products: 224.25 square meters

Installation date of products: July 2021

Installation site of products: Guangzhou Grand Theater

Product parameters: Front light, dot pitch: P3.9*7.8mm,

Pixel: >500nits, gray level: 14bit,

Refresh rate: >3840Hz, pixel density: 32768 dots/㎡,

Product advantages: Ultra-light, thin and transparent, quick installation, permeability>60%, low brightness and high gray

Box size: 1000*500mm, module pixels: 256*64

Module weight: 3.25Kg per screen, 6.5Kg per square meter

Crystal Carbon P3.9*7.8

The crystal carbon series of transparent screen has the product characteristics of being ultra-light, thin and transparent. The weight is reduced to 6 kg/㎡ and the permeability is >60%. With low brightness and high gray, it can adjust the brightness without losing the color of the product display. Under the brightness display of 300cd/㎡, the image restoration is as beautiful as an oil painting!

From December 8th to 9th, it will be performed globally at the Guangzhou Grand Theater. The play is jointly produced by the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, and the Propaganda Department of the Shunde District Committee of Foshan City (District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports), in order to tell contemporary stories with a sense of technology and modernity by light in "LOONGT(Dragon Boat)", and the spirit of dragon boat presents a brand-new style in the new era. Masters of stage design, director, lighting, etc. specially come to our factory to inspect the quality of carbon fiber ice LED glass screen products, so that the producers of drama "LOONGT(Dragon Boat)" can better control the use of ice screens. It can be ever-changing with the intervention of images, which is both fun and challenging. "We should think about how to balance the relationship between the ice screen and the lighting, and present the best combination of the two on the stage. On the stage presentation, producers of "LOONGT(Dragon Boat)" attempt to build a set of overall harmonious and unified aesthetic systems. The bold idea that there is no specific image in the presentation of the stage art, but the combination of different space media and multimedia images to create different scenes is adopted in the stage design, giving people a combination of virtuality and reality, and a unique and beautiful visual space.

After intensive assessment and selection, the final light is presented by the "Crystal Carbon Series of LED Carbon Fiber Ice Screen", the high-tech product provided by "In The Future(Shenzhen) AIOT Technology Co.,Ltd.". The light flowing from the heart is the best thing in the world. "LOONGT(Dragon Boat)" is worth watching! Every picture is the language of the heart, and it carries the sweat and hard time of the people who made the screen. Youth is beautiful. Just continue to work hard. No reward can be greater than the best light at this time. Serve the world you like, and the road will eventually unfold for us.