Transparent LED Display Perfectly Meets These Requirements

What is the ideal combination of architecture and glass? First, of course, it must be transparent. Secondly, it should be aesthetically pleasing, safe, eco-friendly, and have artistic decoration features.

As the preferences, values, and technologies of the new generation constantly change, these traditional functions can no longer meet the needs of the new market. More and more people need to take on the commercialized functions of social entertainment without affecting the appearance and structure of buildings.

Transparent LED display perfectly meets these requirements. It not only helps designers realize its aesthetic ideas and enhance its competitiveness in project engineering design, but also enable buildings to achieve multimedia functions, enhance visual impact, and increase advertising revenue.

Transparent LED screens are a new type of ultra-transparent LED display with 70% to 90% transparency, high definition, and super scene customization.

In addition, the brightness exceeds 7500nits, and the transparent LED display can make advertising content clearly visible even when facing the sun directly. Transparent LED displays are widely used in municipal public buildings such as curtain walls, shopping malls, airports, banks, hotels, theaters, commercial streets, and landmarks.

High-definition, high-transparency, and integration with architecture

Traditional LED screens appear dark when not in use, and the backlight is visible outdoors or under light, resulting in an unsatisfactory effect. Transparent LED screens do not block the line of sight, and can be used for indoor display and lighting. Irregular building structures can be perfectly matched with dragon bones through customized modules, and integrated with the building.

Lightweight and convenient transportation

Including all structures and power supplies, it only weighs 12kg/square meter, half the weight of traditional transparent displays, making transportation more convenient.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly

With the screen's transparent characteristics, more video content can be displayed with black backgrounds, making advertisements clearer and cooler. LEDs consume 30% less energy in black background than in color background.

Excellent environmental adaptability—The system supports automatic brightness adjustment and manual brightness adjustment. The LED transparent display can adapt to changes in ambient light intensity and reduce adverse reactions, ensuring a good user experience and protecting the environment.

Easy installation and disassembly

Minimal design, easy assembly, built-in power supply, integrated module, and quick splicing. Installation can be fixed by support or hung without a steel frame structure, making it convenient, efficient, worry-free, and easy to maintain. When a single LED light fails, there is no need to worry about replacing the entire transparent LED display module; only a single LED strip needs to be replaced. Maintenance costs are lower, and the service life can be up to 100,000 hours.