Using Digital Advertising Screens in Schools

The use of print signage is outdated, labor-intensive, and disconnected, so why do so many schools still use them? Now that students from kindergarten to college are digital natives, it's time for schools to invest in more modern communication systems.

Digital advertising screens are an economically efficient alternative that can simplify school communication.

Digital advertising screens enhance educational outcomes in classroom settings

Many schools still use whiteboards and markers, but experts advocate for the use of more significant educational technology in classrooms. Screens were once thought to be a distraction, but computers, tablets, and digital advertising screens may encourage student participation in classroom activities.

Teachers can use digital advertising screens in the classroom to create interactive and engaging learning experiences. The software for digital advertising screens is customizable, so instructors can display images, text, graphics, maps, games, and other captivating presentations to spark students' attention and engagement. When educators can integrate multiple forms of media into their curriculum, considering different learning styles doesn't have to be complicated.

Digital advertising screens simplify navigation throughout the entire campus

No matter how your campus is laid out, digital advertising screens make navigation easier. This is especially true for universities, which benefit from customizable signage that can inform students and faculty of the location of classrooms and departments within a large campus. School administrators can even set up television screens in the hallways to guide passersby to relocated offices and meeting rooms. Students and faculty will eventually find their way around campus on their own, but they aren't the only ones who need to navigate the school. Parents, guest lecturers, and other visitors will appreciate a distinctive visual digital advertising screen that won't get lost in the background.

Digital advertising screens convey updates and announcements

School administrators typically need to communicate with hundreds or thousands of students and faculty, but email and traditional school signage may not effectively convey information. Therefore, digital advertising screens are ideal for mass communication in public areas and hallways. Students sitting in the library can learn about upcoming events by viewing the television screen on the nearby wall, while teachers can catch up on necessary updates while enjoying a cup of coffee in departmental offices. Digital advertising screens allow schools to share critical information in real-time so that students and faculty know exactly what they need when they need it.