Using LED Screens Inside Parking Lots

Information for parking lots using LED screens

A great way to provide information to users once they enter a parking lot is through the use of information-rich LED screens within the lot. This is a great way to display rates, display available parking levels, and other useful information to users such as time, temperature, and operating hours. The versatility of indoor LED screens can bring additional value to your business as the possibility of online video will enable you to showcase how the parking lot operates, for example, letting users know how to get their ticket and how they should use it or utilizing it to inform rules in a different, more relaxed way.

You don’t need to be an electronics expert or a master of LED screens, as our screen assembly is very simple and can be done by any of your employees. Also, merchants will tell them how to use the functionality of the LED screen and make the most out of the various possibilities it provides. Our customer service will be happy to assist you through the entire process and address any questions you may have on a broad schedule. LED screens offer content creation tutorials so that you can easily and quickly generate your own content to be played on the display at any time. Don't forget to calculate the price of the screen, as you will immediately receive a detailed quote without any commitment. What are you waiting for?

Posters on LED screens in parking lots

Make posters with LED screens for your parking lot, earning extra revenue from your space. These elements are very helpful in not only communicating information to your customers but also providing more profit potential for your space. Add this element at key locations in your business, such as stairs, and you have the opportunity to add advertisements from other businesses located near the parking lot or other services. Selling these spaces will increase your profit potential and the return on investment is almost immediate.

Additionally, you can choose to place this element at specific locations, fixed to the floor, or add some wheels so you can move this street furniture advertisement wherever you think is more suitable. Its vertical format means that all content needs to be adjusted to play correctly. You can easily modify them without losing their original quality using the applications integrated into the software.