Waterproof Tips for Outdoor LED Displays

Ⅰ. What waterproof skills are there for outdoor LED displays?

Outdoors are often affected by rainy days, cloudy days and other weather, so outdoor LED displays must be waterproofed. Because the outdoor LED module plus closed box structure is processed to form the outdoor LED display box, and then the LED module is assembled into an outdoor LED full-color box.

Therefore, the LED display is the basic unit of the display. The waterproof of the outdoor LED display is actually very simple. Outdoor LED display manufacturers share some skills with you.

First make sure you use the led box, the benefits are as follows:

1. It is convenient for scheduling, outdated, and on-site maintenance;

2. Easy to pack and transport;

3. On-site installation and disassembly are convenient and quick;

The outdoor all-in-one LED display waterproof box is equipped with a display module in the front, and a display driver circuit board is installed inside.

The chassis is treated with plastic spraying inside and outside, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, flame retardant, etc., which provides a good guarantee for the working safety of the screen body.

For the structure of the outdoor LED display, the module must first be an outdoor fully waterproof module, and the outdoor LED display needs to be painted with conformal paint on the back of the module, and then the cabinet must be a waterproof cabinet with good airtightness.

The outdoor chassis must be tested for waterproofing, spraying water on the surface of the display screen, and after many tests to ensure that the protection level reaches IP65 or above to truly achieve waterproofing, it can be finally delivered to the user;

In addition, the perishable parts of the structural parts of the outdoor event LED display chassis are generally the metal columns, wiring boards, and terminals of the screen body; the parts sensitive to water vapor are the leads and lines of electronic components.

Other components are engineering plastics (polycarbonate), epoxy resin, rubber, etc., which are not affected by moisture.

Now more and more customers have stricter requirements on the waterproof box structure of outdoor LED display screens, and they are beginning to develop towards thin and easy-to-disassemble boxes.

But from a professional point of view, it is not fully enclosed and light and thin to achieve waterproof effect. The box structure only plays the role of dustproof and foreign object prevention. The poor sense of space is not good for heat dissipation. If there is a large area of water ingress, the rear row will not be conducive to handling and maintenance.

The chassis is a one-time die-casting of aluminum castings, which has a good heat dissipation capability. At the same time, the chassis has three heat dissipation channels, and no decoration is required after installation.

In fact, the waterproofing of outdoor LED display screens is really not as difficult as imagined. It depends on whether the outdoor LED display manufacturers have done research here to achieve it!