What is LED Display Screen Common Anode Technology?

After years of development, conventional common anode LED display screens have formed a stable industry chain, promoting the popularization of LED displays. However, there are still drawbacks such as high screen temperatures and excessive power consumption. With the emergence of common cathode LED display power supply technology, it has attracted great attention in the LED display market. What is the power supply technology of common cathode LED displays? What are the advantages of this technology?

Conventional Cathode LED display screen

"Common cathode" refers to the common cathode power supply method. In fact, it is an LED display energy-saving technology. It refers to the common cathode method of supplying power to LED displays, that is, providing R, G, B (red, green, and blue) separately, and accurately allocating the current and voltage to R, G, and B lamp beads. Because R, G, and B (red, green, and blue) lamp beads require the best working voltage and the current is different, the current will flow through the lamp beads and then flow to the negative IC, the forward voltage drop will decrease, and the conducting internal resistance will decrease.

Lower Heat Generation of Conventional Cathode LED display

The special common cathode power supply mode of the cold screen makes the LED display show less heat and low temperature rise during the working process. Usually, when white balance is in a state and playing video, the temperature of the cold screen is about 20°C lower than that of the same model traditional outdoor LED display screens. For products with the same specifications and the same brightness, the screen temperature of the common cathode LED display is more than 20 degrees lower than that of conventional common anode LED display products, and the power consumption is 50% lower than that of conventional common anode LED display products. The high temperature and excessive power consumption of conventional common anode LED display products have always been the key factors affecting the service life of LED display products. The "common cathode LED display" can solve these two problems.

Advantages of Conventional Cathode LED display

Precise power supply can really save energy

Common cathode products use precise power control technology, based on the different photoelectric characteristics of LED red, green, and blue primary colors, equipped with an intelligent IC display and control system and an independent private mode, accurately allocating different voltages to LED and driving circuits to make product power consumption relatively small. Similar products in the market can save about 40% of electricity.

Real energy-saving brings real color

Common cathode LED display screen driving method can accurately control voltage while reducing power consumption, and also reduces the heat generation. The LED will not have wavelength drift under continuous operation and can stably display true colors.

Real energy saving brings long life

Reducing energy consumption greatly reduces the temperature rise of the system, effectively reduces the possibility of LED damage, improves the stability and reliability of the entire display system, and greatly extends the service life of the system.

The development of common cathode LED display technology is not as mature as the common anode LED industry chain. In addition, the current common cathode IC series is not perfect, with a small total amount, and common anode still accounts for 80% of the market. The slow progress of common cathode technology is mainly due to high production costs. Based on the original supply chain cooperation, common cathode needs customized cooperation at various ends of the industry chain, and the cost is high. In this era of high energy demand, the appearance of common cathode transparent LED display screens has become the supporting point pursued by the industry. However, from a larger perspective, there is still a long way to go to achieve comprehensive promotion and application, which requires the joint efforts of the entire industry. From the current situation, common cathode LED energy-saving displays will not increase much cost compared to traditional displays and can save costs in later use, which has been praised by the market.