What New Energy Will Digital Screens Bring to Retail Stores?

Currently, many physical retail companies are improving their terminals, touchpoints, and processes in stores through technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile, big data, and artificial intelligence. They have fully realized that digital capabilities can help improve customer experience and management efficiency, thereby enhancing the company's profitability. However, building a digital store is not about the technology itself, but how to use tools to achieve fine-grained operation of customer flow, obtain potential customers, improve customer purchase rate, and reduce labor costs. How do retail companies use digital tools to increase sales and optimize customer shopping experience?

Digital Advertising Screens: Upgrade promotion tools and reduce operating costs

In recent years, we have seen retail stores use digital screens as promotion tools because traditional tools such as menus, pull-up banners, and lightboxes are consumables that require constant investment to update and replace. The use of digital advertising screens will greatly reduce store operating costs:

Content publishing upgrade

Digital screens can achieve intelligent publishing through management and operation platforms, and can play various types of content such as pictures and videos, eliminating the cost of printing and replacing installation;

Management efficiency upgrade

The screens in brand chain stores can be managed and operated uniformly by the headquarters or permissions can be granted to individual stores. If the headquarters plans activities that require store cooperation in promotion, there is no longer any need to worry about the lack of timely support of promotional materials.

Customer experience upgrade

We have all encountered waiting in line offline. At this time, digital advertising screens can play interesting content, diverting customers' attention and reducing their perception of waiting time, and can also establish deep contact and engagement with customers.

Digital Advertising Screens: upgrade commercial value and comprehensively improve income

Digital advertising screens not only provide clearer display effects, dynamic display methods, and lower operating costs, but also mainly reflect in these aspects:

Interactive upgrade

Digital advertising screens can play different promotional content through strategy settings, establish interactive communication with customers, stimulate customer consumption, and store can also give customers coupons through interactive games to strengthen their purchasing decisions and increase store transaction conversions;

Competitive upgrade

Compared with stores still using traditional promotional tools, digital stores can seize the initiative in providing services to customers, such as restaurants, and stores with digital advertising screens are more likely to obtain opportunities for banquet and venue sales.

Opening revenue channels

With the slowdown in online traffic dividend growth, offline traffic is favored by advertisers. The digital screens in stores can also earn advertising revenue by playing various types of advertisements.