Why are Digital Advertising Screens So Effective?

Digital signage has become an essential communication tool. There have been numerous studies that have proven the effectiveness of digital signage technology. For example, a 2010 study found that 70% of Americans had seen a digital display in the past month, while 52% had seen one in the past week. Fast forward to today, and you can imagine these numbers have significantly increased.

Digital advertising screens have dynamic content

The combination of bright colors and motion make digital signage displays hard to ignore. Supporting video and animated content, digital signage is more attention-grabbing than other forms of communication media. Digital advertising screens are also self-updating, as content can include real-time news from RSS feeds and social media feeds. The ability to deploy any content anywhere at any time makes digital signage more dynamic than any other display media.

Digital advertising screens increase sales

Research after research has shown that digital advertising screens sell more products than other forms of purchase point signage. Dynamic displays are the “silent salespeople” of the 21st century. Digital displays are always available, ready to help shoppers by providing product features and benefits, pricing, and more.

Television ads can be repurposed and displayed on digital advertising screens, mixed with product information, promotional items, and other content that interests shoppers. Digital signage has entered auto dealerships, grocery stores, furniture and appliance stores, home decor and renovation stores, warehouse stores, and other retail venues.

Digital advertising screens can make a lot of money. The cost of hardware and software is continuously decreasing, making digital signage more affordable. Lower procurement and maintenance costs mean that digital signage displays can quickly recoup their costs. Once the hardware investment is made, there are few recurring costs other than creating new content. There are no transportation and handling costs typically associated with static print materials.

Digital advertising screens help with better communication

Displays installed in offices, lunch rooms, and public areas have been proven much more effective than traditional “bulletin board” methods. The content displayed on these displays can be continuously updated to provide a steady stream of information, entertainment, and educational clips. Displays installed in call centers can be connected to automated information systems to display call response times and other valuable statistics.

Business intelligence is another area that benefits greatly from digital advertising screens. Key business and statistical data is displayed in real-time on screens that face employees. These systems ensure that employees have access to the latest information, ensuring swift and effective decision-making.