Why is Outdoor Digital Advertising Display Screen Popular among Users?

Outdoor advertising screens have become a normal part of our lives, and one of the reasons many users like them is because they can directly advertise on them and can be customized according to different needs, mainly because they are very suitable for advertising.

Nowadays, more and more people choose LED displays for advertising, but why choose outdoor LED displays? Let's understand together below.

The superior geographical location of outdoor environments creates digital advertising screens

Outdoor LED displays are mainly located in the main commercial centers, transportation hubs, and most leisure and consumer squares in cities, such as business streets, station terminals, airports, highways on both sides, and across highways or city streets.

The more advantageous the geographical location, the denser the population, which highlights the great advantages of digital advertising screens. These locations are often deceleration zones for vehicles, with large size and bright images that can create greater visual impact.

This unique media form is more likely to stand out from the overwhelming advertising and effectively realize information communication with the audience, thereby achieving the purpose of brand image and related information dissemination.

Digital advertising screens can reduce interference and allow users to actively view

The so-called advertising interference refers to the ratio of the advertising layout or paragraph length to the media content itself. Numerous advertisements "bombard" consumers in a certain period of time, resulting in mutual interference and offsetting of advertising information intensity.

As a unique and non-selective television transmission medium installed in major commercial centers, transportation hubs, and most leisure and consumer squares, large digital advertising screens can be actively viewed, as well as beautiful advertisements, entertainment content, and some practical information.

It broadcasts all day long, and digital advertising screens make the audience see the same advertisement in the same time and place, which can easily cause strong memories among the audience.

Compared with ordinary outdoor advertisements, large LED outdoor advertising screens have a more profound influence on the audience's brand.

Digital advertising screens have a super high cost performance ratio

According to innovative media research by market monitoring agencies, within a month, the recall rate of advertising for large digital advertising screens is highest among different media for targeted audiences.

Although digital advertising screens have a certain degree of forced viewing among target audiences, they still create a high-quality, high-grade media environment and advertising environment, providing a stage for medium to high-end, elegant, and fashionable products to demonstrate brand charm. The high-tech, high-end LED displays in advertising are easier to stimulate target audiences' active viewing.

What are the advantages of digital advertising screens compared to traditional outdoor advertising?

In recent years, China's outdoor advertising industry has grown rapidly, with annual growth rates of double digits and a large share of total advertising spendings, and is growing rapidly.

Among them, the advertising playback total of outdoor LED display media has been increasing by more than 30% annually. LED displays are in a stage of rapid development and growth. It is believed that digital advertising screens will be applied in more fields in the near future.

At the same time, various new LED display products will emerge in the market, bringing consumers better, more convenient, and more energy-efficient LED displays.