XMOZU X Series was Applied in Shanghai BUSSOLA&RALPH's Poster

Product model: XMOZU X Series

Product specifications: X1.5-I

Installation place of product: Shanghai, China

Product size: 2.5 square meters

Installation date of product: 2021

Installation site of product: Shanghai BUSSOLA & RALPH

Product parameters: Dot pitch: P1.53mm,

Pixel: >600nits, gray level: 14bit,

Refresh rate: >3840Hz, pixel density: 422500 dots/㎡,

Product advantages: Rental box, quick installation, light weight, easy to splice

Box size: 320*160*20mm, module pixels: 208*104

Module weight: 0.47/kg/pcs

XMOZU X Series X1.5-I

X1.5-I is a smart, modular splicing LED display. X1.5-I is light-weight with single signal line, which is easy to splice. It is also a civilian smart DIY product that can be controlled by mobile phones and tablet computers. How to integrate "technology", "convenience" and "trend" into center circle of our life? At the same time, how to promote smart shopping and convey information via video? After repeated screenings, Shanghai BUSSOLA & RALPH stores finally chose XMOZU X Series POP products with small spacing manufactured by In The Future(Shenzhen) as the main propaganda carrier. As a whole, it is composed of poster screens of 2.5 square meters spliced by modules. This product adopts the latest generation of high-tech technology, which is stylish and full of a sense of future science and technology, and is perfectly integrated with the decoration environment of the exhibition hall! Unyielding and unforgiving, you can excellently complete all kinds of work arranged in life and work, and embark on a road of life that is not lacking in applause and flowers.