The Difference Between Outdoor LED Display Waterproof Box and Simple Box and Its Waterproof Level

Ⅰ. What is the difference between an outdoor LED display waterproof box and a simple box?

What is the difference between an outdoor LED display waterproof box and a simple box? It is difficult for many friends to decide which one is better and how to distinguish better.

Affected by the weather, wet and rainy, the outdoor LED display is generally a waterproof box, but for the indoor environment, the waterproof requirement is not high, and a simple box is generally used.

LED large screens are divided into simple boxes and waterproof boxes. The only difference between the simple box and the waterproof box for outdoor transparent LED display is that the simple box has no rear door and fan. The function of a simple box is to reduce weight and cost.

Whether it is a simple box or a waterproof box, it must go through the process of wrapping. Stainless steel wrapping is used on the LED display to achieve waterproof effect.

To sum up, the structure of the simple box is simple (the simple box can also achieve waterproof effect); the fully enclosed waterproof box will not enter the box in general outdoor rainy days.

Many outdoor LED displays today are composed of simple boxes. Due to the high cost of the sealed box, the waterproof effect is the same as that of the simple box, so most people choose the simple box.

And the outdoor LED display case is also developing in the direction of light and detachable. But from a professional point of view, it is not fully enclosed, thin and light, and can definitely play a waterproof role.

Just like your computer case, the structure of the case can only prevent dust and foreign objects. If water enters a large area, it will definitely cause indoor damage, and the space is too small, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.

Ⅱ. Definition and division of IP waterproof level of outdoor LED display

Why is the IP waterproof level of the outdoor LED display an important reference index for choosing an outdoor LED display? How is this division defined?

The IP protection level system of outdoor LED display is drafted by IEC and approved by IEC. The IP stands for Ingress Protection, which classifies full-color LED display according to the characteristics of dustproof, foreign matter ingress, water resistance, and moisture resistance. The foreign matter here includes tools and human fingers. etc. To avoid electric shock, do not touch the live parts inside the lamp.

Appearing for the first time on outdoor LED displays made by professional transparent glass LED display manufacturers, it shows the dust-proof range of a device, or illustrates the level of protection of people in a closed environment.

1. Indicates the anti-seepage level of solid foreign matter, the highest value is 6;

2. Indicates the waterproof level of the equipment, p indicates the anti-seepage level, and the highest value is 8. The larger the value, the higher the degree of protection.

The protection level of outdoor LED display screens is usually IP65, which means that the product "completely prevents dust from entering, and there is no harm in washing with water".

When choosing an outdoor LED full-color display, you must understand the IP protection level to ensure dustproof and waterproof effects, and the performance and life of the LED chassis module are more guaranteed.

If the environment is more demanding, such as river and coastal areas, higher IP66 and IP67 outdoor LED displays may be required.