Outdoor LED Video Display Board Prospect can be Expected in the Future

All in one 2018-10-23

                   Compared with the traditional advertising methods, the outdoor LED video display board integrates with high-definition, multi-angle vision, natural color exquisite, strong visual impact and other modern high-tech, fully catering to the technical requirements of modern advertising scene applications and users' viewing requirements.


However, the disadvantages of light pollution, high energy consumption and electromagnetic radiation pollution are obvious. Facing the dis-assembly and renovation of the outdoor LED video display board on the market, outdoor advertising operators and LED display manufacturers should take positive measures to deal with this phenomenon.

Digital outdoor LED, as a new generation of media communication, from 2005 into the Chinese market, shows an extraordinary outdoor communication force. With the continuous innovation of the application mode, the outdoor LED video display board gradually covers the urban central business district, adding a beautiful landscape for urban life and showing a vigorous development trend. But in its rapid development, the outdoor LED video display board also encountered many problems. Faced with the recent years, many places have launched outdoor advertising campaigns, and many illegal outdoor LED video display boards are naturally included.

With the advantages of flexible operation, seamless splicing, vivid color and various broadcast forms, the outdoor LED video display board has swept through the outdoor advertising market with a lightning bolt, and is favored by many advertising operators. But the outdoor LED video display board lacks scientific standard and management in the process of setting up. The outdoor LED video display board on the street can be seen everywhere, which has a great impact on the city.

The outdoor LED video display board develops towards lower cost, lightweight and more possibilities in the operating system. It is the greatest expectation for the LED screen companies and industry media operators. It is hoped that the outdoor LED video display board can become a beautiful landscape and landmark buildings in the city, even the key node of urban cultural heritage. Transparent led screen manufacturer can only conform to the market development trend, meet the needs of users, develop products that meet the needs of the market, in order to occupy a place in the market.