​YIPLED's Ice Screen Appeared at the Launch Conference of Acura (high-end Brand of Luxury Cars Owned

Product model: Ice Screen

Product specifications: P3.9*7.8

Installation place of product: USA-Detroit

Product size: 120 square meters

Used date of product: 2021

Used site of product: Launch event of Acura

Product parameters: Side light, dot pitch: P3.9*7.8,

Pixel: 3000nits, outdoor waterproof IP65, gray scale: 14bit,

Refresh rate: >3840Hz, pixel density: 32768 dots/m2,

Product advantages: Rental box, quick installation

Box size: 1000*500mm, 256*64

Acura, a high-end luxury car brand owned by Honda, once again joined hands with YIPLED's ice and transparent screen in Detroit, the United States, which appeared at the center of Hall C, using our company's ice LED glass screen designed for the highest-end luxury stores. The product has characteristics of transparent display, easy to disassemble, and intelligent control. Combined with the core values of high-end automobile Acura, accuracy, precision, and refinement, it demonstrates the uniqueness of our products, and also achieves brand-new and irreplaceable creative application effects in a true sense.