Ice Series Transparent LED Display

                   Transparent LED Glass Ice Screen is a new type of LED display with features like transparent display, easy to install and disassemble, smart control etc. A totally new, irreplaceable, creative application effect can be realized by using the transparent led screen in concert, TV station’s party & large entertainment program, auto show & high-end exhibition, and large-scale new product launch conference etc. Over here LED wall for sale and buy transparent LED wall best merchants.
Ice Screen making many special stage effect possible: three-dimensional stage, images look like appearing in the sky directly etc.Ice Screen delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles. Light, up to 17 KG/㎡; thin, up to 38 mm; the YIPLED Ice Screen is unbelievable lightweight and thin. Side-Emitting, bom for rental, no lamp damages even after frequent installation and uninstallation. Integration of control system and power supply into one module, easy and fast installation, uninstallation and maintenance.
Transparent image, simple and light, just like the sky, in the dance performance and special effects, improve the stage three-dimensional sense, fully show the stage beauty and artistic charm. Stage ice screen can not only play the role of front canopies, decorate the stage, but also reflect each other with stage lighting, foiling the overall aesthetic feeling of the stage.


Ice Series

Screen Size

Application Scenarios

Ice Screen Series

  • Light Penetrate
    Light Penetrate
  • SMD Ideal For Stage Viewing Angle
    SMD Ideal For Stage Viewing Angle
  • 8 Pin Vibration - Proof Port
    8 Pin Vibration - Proof Port
  • SMD On Surface Of the bar - avoid Lamps Being Knocked Off
    SMD On Surface Of the bar - avoid Lamps Being Knocked Off
  • Modularized Power Supple
    Modularized Power Supple
  • Different Batches Can Be Mixed To Use
    Different Batches Can Be Mixed To Use
  • 160° Wide Viewing Angle
    160° Wide Viewing Angle
  • System Stable
    System Stable

Dimensions (unit : mm)

Modularization: DIY design, can be spliced any size.Ultralight: only 8.5kg, easy to carry.Ultra-thin: the thickness of the transparent display part of the screen is only 38mm, ultra-thin and concise.Compatibility: the new structure design meets the requirements of hoisting and erection, and meets the requirements of indoor and outdoor use.Quick: quick lock structure is used to connect the upper and lower parts of the box. It takes about 15 seconds to complete the installation of a box with high installation accuracy.Stunning: Multiscreen plays the same content, the image varies and shows stereo feeling and sense of reality of 3D space.

  • 1000 × 500 × 75 / 8.5 kg

    1000 × 500 × 75 /
8.5 kg

System topology


Reliable: the screen is stable and reliable with good heat dissipation effect.Dazzle: multi-screen interaction, image changes, three-dimensional space and the sense of reality.Pixel Pitch(mm): P3.9X7.8, P7.8X7.8, P10.4X10.4.Module Size (mm): 1000X500, 500X500.