XMOZU AIOT is committed to providing customers with the best overall LED solutions. To create the shared and associated ecosystem of LED display.XMOZU AIOT helps users enlarge business more effectively.
OUR Advantage
Why Display enterprise Choose XMOZU AIOT ?
Our People. Our Products. Our Services. Our Industry Experience and Knowledge
Acute sensitivity on Market
With acute observation , fully master the demand in future on LED application on developing the new products advanced ;To excavate the products like strip screen, transparent screen , one by one super product, etc with the opportunity.
Acute sensitivity on
From the power of transboundary, More creation on integration.
We are sure that our products has the advantages on innovation and competition through to recombine all new technology from different point of view like artificial inteligence, interactive designing,Internet of things,VR& AR technology.
From the power of transboundary,
Global leading control system technology
We have the global controled-system technology advanced, including gigabit , fast technology, receiving system on miniaturization in most and sending system on expansibility in most.
Global leading
The best software solution in industry
We have the perfect team on developing software application , including Android system, Apple IOS system, PC Windows system as Three departments on researching that we realize the  management tools more stronger and flexible, which changes the pattern of management screen to people.
The best software solution in
The ability on designing to electric construction more stronger
We have the comprehensive ability on designing to electric construction , including electronic chip, power to electrical source , the appearance to  overall machine that not only can improve the whole performance to the screen, but also the innovation on the screen industry.
The ability on designing to electric construction more
Full service and support
We offer the full service from the demand of project, the designing of prototype to hand over the all project, including pre-engineer,tecnology-engineer, research-engineer as the team of whole support.
Full service and