• Team style

    The average age is less than 40 years old

    A wealthy young executive elite team

  • Employees share
    I, Minya, 23 years old this year, lucky entered XMOZU AIOT passed the interview. This is the first step I took a career, from the initial ignorant students to the transition of the professional people. And all of these changes due to I just accepted into the company's orientation.

    Training content including XMOZU AIOT corporate culture, management strategy, marketing strategy of learning, makes me further understand the company's corporate culture, business processes, and direction of the company's planning, etc., I have to feel sigh for a rich our company culture, have to you can have the honor to become one of them and proud!

    At the beginning of the induction, the company arranged special personnel for me give me the detailed content and explained the relevant work process, after the arrangement of specific working let me finish, and evaluate the effect of complete and guide. I can learn in a short period of time to work related skills, their position, for their own professional quality and professional competence will have a very good ascension.

    In learning at the same time, the communication between colleagues, and company department is effective to enhance the mutual understanding and cooperation among employees, and enable us to more quickly adapt to the new environment, into the new collective. Everything that makes me full of confidence for future work, I must do all we can to fully exert their subjective initiative, positive and effective to complete the company arrange for their work, at the same time, actively strive to improve their professional quality, for the company contribution to the development of their own strength!
  • Job details
    Will develop an effective sales activity pipeline of sufficient cold calls, referrals, lead qualification, sustainable relationships, acceptable order volume and product replacement opportunities. 
    Proactively follow up on new leads and customers. Promptly follow up on marketing campaign or trade show leads. Qualify leads to determine project viability.
    Will conduct demonstration ofproducts at site visits, trade shows and meetings. 

    Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, marketing, technical area or similar. 
    Prefer experience with direct sales, channel sales.  Previous selling, technical sales or other similar experience preferred.
    Communication skills including good verbal and written skills, ability to develop and present winning presentations.
    Fluent in written and verbal English. 
    Understand basics of proposal & sales agreement language to negotiate/finalize agreements Initiative to solve problems and seek improvement. Goal oriented with proven leadership capability.