Receiving Card

Control System Receiving Card

S series is a general scanning board for cabinet screen, rental screen and ultra-thin screen. It is more stable and reliable with better quality.When change the receiving card, it is no need to reset the parameters, which helps to save time, improve efficiency and simplify after-sale service.It supports the dot-by-dot correction of ultra large pixel area.


Model S3.5
load area 256 *256
refresh rate static screen up above 5500Hz
interface Type 2*RJ45,HUB board output
scanning mode Static -32 scan
gray levels 4096—65536
by-point correction brightness, color
correction area 128 * 128 (brightness correction), 64 * 64 (color correction)
chip Support conventional chip, PWM chips, lighting chip
number of outputs RGB data groups Group16
online Upgrade
cascade card number Generally the value 256, maximum 512
loss of brightness 5%--20%
operating Voltage 5V DC
working temperature -40℃--75℃
dimensions length 136.5 * width 47.9 (mm)



•Support multi cascade splicing driven high resolution LED screen.
•Supports arbitrary offset of single-machine and single-network ports to achieve special-shaped display.
•transmission modes of signals.
•Smart Splitting of video signal, re-distribution of the signal.
•Supports real-time signal integrity diagnostics.
•Long distance network cable transmission.
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