Technical advantage: side light-emitting/light penetrate/8 pin vibration-proof port/avoid knocked off/different batches can be mixed to use/system stable;
integrated control system unlimited the visual possibilities whatever the customer's needs;
more than hundreds of projects in Event staging/Retail glass window advertising, we offer sustainability of product and service quality

Smart Phone control

Interaction experience

85 ~ 90% High Transparency
It looks like display on the glass in suitable viewing distance.Better transparency, high consistency. Much less dead lights rate than other competitor.  

Wider Viewing Angle

YIPLED Ice Screen delivers awe-inspiring picture
quality across the entire screen,
even from wide viewing angles.

High brightness | 5000cd /㎡

Still visible clearly under strong light.

Much longer life span, 3 years warranty
YIPLED·Side Emitting LED Lamp
Other Front Emitting LED Lamp