Shenzhen manufacturing base is located in Tangtou Third Industrial Park, covering an area of 3000㎡. The manufacturing base integrates the five functions of R&D, manufacturing, assembly, fittings and maintenance into one and builds a complete industrial supply chain system. The manufacturing base was established at the end of 2010, from the manufacture of LED control systems to LED transparent screens, to meet diversified market demands with a rich product line, to provide customers with advanced, high-quality, reliable display product.

Quality Management

Strictly implementing ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system, established strict and comprehensive product review system, raw material inspection system, process inspection system, product traceability and service system. equipped with professional testing, aging and reliability test equipment, control this failure rate of the product within 5 parts per milli

Technological Process

Our factory owns the most advanced automated professional production line, equipped with an advanced ERP enterprise management system ·SMT automatic assembly line ·Automatic potting machine

XMOZU AIOT Quality Management

XMOZU AIOT Technological Process