The benefits of LED

The benefits of LED

Display for retail
Audience Attention, Customer engagement, Sales Opportunity•Audience Attention, Customer engagement, Sales Opportunity Increase customer engagement and make a significant impact to your sales uplift.
•Present animated videos, create a better shopping experience.
•Combine with AR, make shopping more fun.
•Strengthen Visual Identity, let customer recognize brand.
•From single store to chain store, unify brand image, realize cluster management.

More than a screen, it's VDS(visual drainage system).

"80% of the world's buying behavior is impulsive consumption."

——American Cottonusa International Association

"Japanese cosmetics shop Ainz&Tupleh installed LED display for its shop, the guest entering rate improved by 40%, sales boosted about 10%. It has drown attention of 5millions social media and about 250 millions media exposure coverage."
Why XMOZU is more suitable for retail ?
The disadvantages of
traditional advertising equipment
LCD Ad player
Light box
LCD Ad player
Light box
It's only suitable for indoor venues, brightness can't meet outdoor demand, low advertising exposure, can't attract customers.
Static pictures, can't catch customers' eyes;
The advertising content can't response customer’s demand effectively.

The advantages of
XMOZU All-in-One LED Display
•Low cost,no steel structure,standard size;
•Increase advertising exposure by 60%, improve 40% of the guests' entering rate and 10% of sales significantly.
•Higher return on investment (ROI), stronger brightness, longer lifetime, the comprehensive cost is the lowest compare to other LED displays.
The advantages of
XMOZU All-in-one LED Display PK Traditional P6 LED Display
XMOZU X6-O Traditional P6
Basic Parameters Thickness 33mm 196mm
Weight/㎡ 15.5kg 60-70kg
Refresh Frequency 3840 1920
IP Grade Front IP67/Rear IP67 Front IP65/Rear IP43
Appearance Product Pattern All in one Assembly Screen
Installation & Maintenance Front Maintenance Push & Eject/2Second magnent & Screw/5Minites
No maintenance space ×
Surface installation ×
Control & Configration Automatic brightness adjustment ×
Control Device Mobile Phone Computer
Interaction ×
Remote management ×
Screen temperature & Humidity Monitoring ×
Cluster Management ×
Power Consumption Average Power Consumption 0.2kw 0.35kw
XMOZU All-In-One
Display solutions

Outdoor wall-mounting screen


LED signage


Light music





XMOZU advertising exposure
Other displays' advertising exposure
XMOZU advertising exposure
Other displays' advertising exposure

High advertising exposure

Interactive experience, combining with Xbox, realizing your creative advertising ideas. Combing with intelligent camera and digital recognition system, it can collect customers’ information and analysis customers’ behavior effectively. Promoting QR code scanning rate, let the store to be a platform for online shopping.

How to choose , install
And operate XMOZU ?

Outdoor small size wall-mounting display is more suitable for retail.

•4~8㎡, the brightness is 5000nits, effective coverage.
•distance is around 30m.
•Easy installation, front maintenance, wall-mounting.
•and won't damage the appearance of the building.

DIY simple installation

•Ultra-light&ultra-thin, easy transportation; save 50% freight.
•Support 3.5mm audio port , plug and play.
•Minimum bracket size is 320*320,satisfying different kind of size requirements perfectly.

All-In-One intelligent hardware

•Ultra-light&ultra-thin design: 1.65kg, 33mm
•Labor&cost saving: 3h installation, 5s maintenance.

APP control

•Remotely controlled by phone, interact with screen at any where and any time.
•Cluster management, backup in cloud.


100~240V AV available, no need additional power distribution cabinet .

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