The benefits of LED

The benefits of LED

Display for Vehicle
Light-thin integrated design, concise APP cloud control, stable performance, easy maintenance.

Not only a mobile screen, but also an interactive new media.

The weakness of outdoor advertising media market combined with government remediation forces a lot of traditional outdoor advertising forms (such as big billboard, cabinet, wall advertising, etc.) quickly to stay out of the market."


Without attaching to the public buildings and public facilities, mobile LED media car gets rid of space restraint, becoming the best outdoor advertising new media.
Why XMOZU all-in-one is more suitable for media cars?
The drawbacks of
traditional advertising equipment
Traditional screen
Traditional screen 1
Traditional screen 2
Inkjet cloth
Traditional screen
Traditional screen
Traditional screen
Inkjet cloth
•Control system is complex and need computer, control room and professional engineers; •Big volume, heavy weight, and huge space increase the cost; the complex installation requires a wide range of modification;
•Inserting leds solution makes big pixel pitch and poor clarity; roadshow without interaction leads to poor communication effect;
•Static picture can not seize users’ attention; trouble to change; long period;
•Low brightness, poor display, low advertising arrival rate;

The advantages of
XMOZU All-in-One LED Display

SMD LED, wide viewing angle, better effect

Easy to be installed on the wall, save space

High brightness, full waterproof, long life

Durable with high return rate

Screen + data cloud + app + 3D + AR, can achieve human & screen interaction

The advantages of
XMOZU All-in-one LED Display PK Traditional P6 LED Display
XMOZU X6-O Traditional P6
Basic Parameters Thickness 33mm 196mm
Weight/㎡ 15.5kg 60-70kg
Refresh Frequency 3840 1920
IP Grade Front IP67/Rear IP67 Front IP65/Rear IP43
Appearance Product Pattern All in one Assembly Screen
Installation & Maintenance Front Maintenance Push & Eject/2Second magnent & Screw/5Minites
No maintenance space ×
Surface installation ×
Control & Configration Automatic brightness adjustment ×
Control Device Mobile Phone Computer
Interaction ×
Remote management ×
Screen temperature & Humidity Monitoring ×
Cluster Management ×
Power Consumption Average Power Consumption 0.2kw 0.35kw
XMOZU All-In-One
Display solutions

Wall-mounted small screen


single cable to get electricity





XXMOZU all-in-one LED display audience coverage
 Other LED display audience coverage
XMOZU all-in-one LED display audience coverage
Other LED display audience coverage

People & screen interaction to enhance the atmosphere Can be matched with XBOX equipment to achieve creative advertising idea. With intelligent camera and digital identification system, help to analyse customer information. Interactive QR code to lead the offline to online, and the store is a window for selling.
How to choose, install
XMOZU All-in-One LED Display ?

Outdoor wall-mounted small screen is more suitable for media advertising vehicles

•4 ~ 8 ㎡ small screen, with 5000nits brightness, can serve the crowd within 30m;
•Easy installation with front maintenance; DIY wall-mounted installation, will not influence the appearance of the car;

DIY easy installation

•Light, easy to transport; save 1/2 freight;
•Support 3.5mm audio interface, plug and play;
•320 * 320mm unit, can be matched with a variety of sizes;

Smart Hardware All-In-One

•Ultra-thin design: 1.65kg, 33mm
•Installation and maintenance save time and effort:  3-hour-installation, 5-second-maintenance

APP intelligent software

•Mobile phone control screen, real-time interaction, wifi unrestricted;
•Cluster management, cloud backup

Safe and convenient

"Mach 100~240V household AC power,on need to separate Buy distribution cabinet;”

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