Released in the far soft film screen!



High brush 7680Hz

High gray 16bit

Transparent soft film material substrate, more transparent, P6.25 pitch transparency>60%

, duration 00:11

soft and foldable

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Yichang Wuyue Plaza

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This project is 4.5 meters wide and 4 meters high, and the bottom needs a soft film screen to form a 90-degree arc. The soft film screen is clamped back and forth by the transparent panel, which has both protective functions and ensures the maximum reliability of the product when the screen is impacted. , The transparent box can be installed and maintained separately, and the front maintenance is attached to the steel structure frame by magnets.

This product uses a transparent circuit board substrate to maximize the permeability of the product, achieving a transparent effect of more than 60%-90%, and the transparency of P6.25 is higher than 60%.

The soft film screen can also be used directly, and it can be directly displayed on the glass, which is suitable for the display of glass window and glass curtain wall. The new technology better integrates the environment, thinner, more transparent and simpler!

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