The Successful Premiere of the New Dance Drama


The revised version of LOONGT (Dragon Boat), a contemporary dance drama created by the Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater, will be performed at the Guangzhou Opera and Dance Theater from December 8 to 9. The play premiered in Shunde in August this year and started its second round performance in September.



Shi Qianjin, the artistic director of the dance drama, said that this time the performance has been refined and improved in terms of plot, music, stage design, lighting, and choreography, to make the plot more compact, the character more alive, the drama more intense, and to stress the sense of hierarchy in the dance. Although the time is very short, the main creators and the actors tried their best and worked overtime to promote every small details, on the purpose of presenting the best performance to the audience.


Chief director Qian Xin and Wang Sisi said that, we redesigned the scene and re-arranged the dance plots in light with the revising plan, so the overall repertoire become more coherent. In terms of drama, we increased the inner portrayal and emotional expression of the characters, to highlight how young people awaken themselves and act courageously and enthusiastically while facing difficulties and determined to make choices. The play aims to strike a chord among audiences by depicting the very real scenes in contemporary society.




LOONGT (Dragon Boat) is jointly produced by related organizations in Foshan and Guangzhou. Combining the advantages of the two cities, they are committed to jointly creating a representative and high-qualified drama in the Greater Bay Area. On the occasion of the performance, it received flower baskets from artistic associations, artist groups, and theaters from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Hong Kong and Macau. They wished the performance a complete success.


LOONGT (Dragon Boat) will begin a tour within Guangdong Province starting at Shunde city in 2022, followed by a national tour. We hope that with support of all sectors in the society, we will jointly spread the spirit of the times embedded in Chinese dragon boat culture to every corner of the world.