Advantages of LED Smart Transparent Screen


The transparent LED display are becoming more and more popular, with the market share and customer awareness constantly increasing. Many customers ,however, are still hesitating and waiting or just don't know how to integrate transparent screens into their own designs. Here is a detailed introduction to the advantages of the LED smart transparent screen.

1. Highly transparent effect: The light transmittance of the transparent LED display can reach to 50-90%, which allows lighting and perspective functions, and makes LED lights almost invisible from a distance, leaving the lighting of the glass curtain wall unaffected.

2. Small footprint and light weight: The main board of the screen is only 10mm thick. After the LED smart transparent screen is installed, it takes up almost no space and does not interfere with other facilities or structures besides the glass curtain wall.

3. Only a simple steel frame structure is required, which largely saves cost: This product is light in weight, easy to install, and does not require complex supporting steel frame, thus can reduce a lot of installing costs.

4. Convenient and quick maintenance: Indoor maintenance is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources.

5. Saving the lighting cost of building : If the LED smart transparent screen is installed, a large part of the lighting lamps on the external wall can be saved. Meanwhile, the LED screen can also serves as attractive advertisements.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: the power consumption itself is low, with an average of less than 280W/㎡, and it does not require traditional refrigeration systems and air conditioning heat dissipation.

7. Simple operation and strong controllability: it can be linked to a computer, a graphics card, and a remote transceiver through network, or controlled wirelessly by a remote cluster, which allows the display content to change at any time.