LED Glass Screens -- The Secret of Beautifying City Buildings


The glass screen is a product that integrates architectural aesthetics, structure, and function which has changed the single architectural style, thus giving the whole city a completely new look. With the appearance of glass screens, the urban landscape has undergone earth-shaking changes. So what is LED glass screen?

The LED glass screen, also known as electrified luminous glass and electrically controlled luminous glass, is a high-tech product that embeds LED light into the glass to produce various patterns. It perfectly combines the LED transparent screen and the architectural glass curtain wall. It can seamlessly integrate with the building without changing the appearance of it. During the day, it does not affect the transparency and lighting of the glass wall, and when night falls, it turns to a colorful picture, making the city more romantic and dreamy!

The LED glass screen is characterized by transparent, explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, and designable. For urban beautification, it has a certain degree of beauty and concealment. LED glass technology can make the  internal circuit invisible, thus is suitable for all kinds of flat and curved glass, and can meet various needs of customers.

The LED glass screen itself is a safety glass, and a laminated glass for buildings as well, which has the energy-saving effect of preventing ultraviolet rays, part of infrared rays, and the function of partial sound insulation. Therefore, it can be widely used indoors and outdoors.

The LED glass screen from XMOZU AIOT enjoys the technical superiorities that others can not match, which can be showed by low power consumption, high brightness, low working voltage, miniaturization, easy match with integrated circuits, simple drive, long life, strong resistance to impacts, and stable performance.