Large-scale Contemporary Dance Drama


Time: Dec.9,2021

Source: Xinhua News, Guangzhou

The grand dance drama LOONGT (Dragon Boat) made its first performance in Guangzhou Opera House on December 8. The play will start a national tour since the new year holiday of 2022 at Shunde, Foshan city.


LOONGT (Dragon Boat) at the scene, Xinhua News

LOONGT (Dragon Boat) is a realistic work built on the dragon boat culture. Based on the long-standing dragon boat culture and the background of cultural integration of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it tells the story of young people in the new era fight dauntlessly for the glory of the country, showing the spirit of solidarity of modern Chinese youth.

In terms of stage design, LOONGT (Dragon Boat) pays attention to the use of ice screens. Through combination of different space medium and multimedia images, it magnifies the emotions of the performers and conveys them to the audience. Modern elements are also added to the costume styling. For example, to show the different roles and personalities of the characters, vivid and bright color blocks are put into use.


Dragon Boat at the scene, Xinhua News

Creators of the play strive to turn the dance drama into a high-quality play of the Bay Area, to strengthen the cultural soft power of the Greater Bay Area, and promote its cultural prosperity and development.

LOONGT (Dragon Boat) is jointly created by Guangzhou and Foshan. By integrating the regional cultural advantages of the two cities, and meanwhile strengthening the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between them, we can better promote the spread and display of Lingnan culture as well as Chinese excellent culture in foreign countries.