Shanghai LED China | YIPLED Transparent screen , transfer glass window to self-media marketing

YIPLED 2018-11-28
Shanghai LED China, YIPLED·LED Smart Transparent Screen, turned the retail store glass window into video marketing media, 3 days, support the store get 65,221 customers.

Big Glass window| 4m no bar spliced screen
YIPLED Jade screen, 4m transparent glass window solution.

Glass windows for business halls such as banks, Telecom business hall, and energy; glass windows for shopping centers, department stores, and brand chains.

Space requirements:
4m wide X2.5m high glass window or above

Medium-sized glass window | 2 meters to fight spliced, 3 meters to fight
YIPLED Jade screen, 2m/3m transparent window solution

YIPLED Jade screen, 2m/3m glass window solution

Glass for digital appliances, jewelry and other specialty stores, glass windows for shops such as medical beauty, beauty and catering.

Space requirements:
2m wide X1.5m high glass window or above

Small glass window | Standard poster screen
YIPLED.Poster screen| 1m glass window solution

YIPLED.Poster screen| 1m glass window solution

Fast-moving, fresh, gas station and other convenience store glass window; digital appliances, jewelry and other specialty stores glass window.

Space requirements:
1m wide X1.5m high glass window or above

The main function of YIPLED transparent screen

Through the products, LED intelligent transparent screen and APP, you can easily create all kinds of unique and fun videos and quickly display them on the most eye-catching glass windows of the store.

Through the continuous rich video content, more and more customers are moved by these ideas and walk into the store. It is the most effective drainage solution for offline retail stores.

YIPLED transparent screen window will be more cool than ordinary window, smarter and more attractive!

Shanghai LED China, also appeal  the audience also our star products, ICE Screens .Selected by Winter Olympics, Shanghe Summit, CCTV "National Treasure", the ice screen has won a good market reputation.

YIPLED.ICE Screen, LED rental transparent screen