New Retail in the Age of Artificial Intelligence!

XMOZU 2019-03-04

                   At the present stage, the retail industry in China is undergoing great changes. The real retail industry is steadily rebounding, the line dividend is weakening, the growth rate of online shopping is slowing down and the cost of customer acquisition is increasing. At the same time, the consumption upgrade has entered a new stage, the new retail model and new format are flourishing, and the era of "new retail" with win-win integration of all channels has arrived. In this context, in order to create a better visual and shopping experience for customers, retail stores upgrading has become a trend; commercial display market is about to erupt; rental LED screen will also be expected to benefit greatly...

In the new retail era, customers will have real contact with goods. In the future, all people can get the information they need through mobile scanning, experience the function of goods at any time, and intuitively understand the relevant information of goods, and all offline objects will become the entrance to help consumers link to the online. There will inevitably be a need for something that can realize the "Material Link" to realize the interconnection of all things in smart retail, such as Intelligent Quotient display, because it must be inseparable from a display screen that can be operated by customers themselves. From this point of view, with the development of new retail, smart display devices and other experience devices will grow explosively.

In the era of artificial intelligence, "new retail" brings a distinct self-color. The most important point is to fully satisfy customers' self-purchase needs and create better shopping experience for customers. Even in advance, it can be said that there is no consumer or salesperson. All these can not be separated from the application of various new technologies, so that traditional physical stores can continue to strengthen their day. However, the advantage-user experience, in the construction of consumer scenarios have more means to let customers enjoy.

It eliminates the tedious task of dressing, stripping, making-up and removing makeup. As long as customers come to the display screen, their faces can be automatically recognized. They can quickly try on all kinds of clothes and make-up displayed on virtual shelves, which is convenient and interesting.

The emergence of new retail has accelerated the outbreak of commercial display market, and also created a larger incremental market for rental LED screen. With the development and perfection of small spacing and the acceleration of integration with infrared, VRAR, 3D and touch technology, LED display technology can better play its natural advantages in the field of commercial display, such as seamless splicing and creative modeling. As Jobs said, "You are always looking for technology based on business scenarios." In order to get further development in the field of commercial display, rental LED screen needs to be perfected according to the terminal needs of the commercial display market.

According to the feedback from the terminal market recently, CLT Colente, who specializes in the field of LED commercial display products in the industry, said that the current commercial display products are more and more inclined to be thinner in appearance and more intelligent in product performance. From a technical point of view, the market is more inclined to interactive products, especially the current new applications, such as face recognition. Technology, touch sensing, infrared, VRAR, 3D and other interactive technologies, and on the basis of perfect hardware, new retail commercial display products also need powerful data analysis software capabilities to help businesses to collect, analyze, organize data and achieve targeted sales. If the entire commercial display system is connected, large data will be combined, which will produce a lot of value.