The Top Ten Application Areas Of Media LED Are Worth Your Collection(1)

XMOZU 2019-03-27

At present, the traditional application industries such as outdoor advertisement, stage rental and so on have developed more maturely. The products tend to be homogeneous gradually, and the development potential is insufficient. In order to open up the new blue sea market and widen the application scope of media LED, many enterprises have made micro-innovation to meet the new application site. At the same time, technological advances from upstream industry chains and supporting manufacturers, such as smaller size beads and stronger performance control systems, also enable media LED to be applied in previously inapplicable market areas. The following editors will take stock of the application areas of the LED display for you to see which markets have already erupted or are about to erupt.

1. Community media: Community media refers to the new media which is rooted in the middle and high-end communities and forms a network layout. In recent years, with the maturity of technology and the further decline of price, the application of LED display in community media is also increasing. The community LED display screen is synchronized by the central platform software through the 3G broadband wireless network. It can not only play the weather, emergency information, public service advertisements, commercial advertisements, life services and other community life information in real time, but also provide convenience for residents, and provide strong guarantee for building a safe and intelligent community. At the same time, owing to the seamless coverage advantages of high-quality groups, it has become a high-quality form of communication for commercial publicity and information services, making it a new perspective of LED outdoor advertising screens.

In terms of advertising value, community LED display screen is a communication platform for community to provide information services. The project can cover the entrances and exits of urban communities, the flow of people, and the traffic volume is large. Publicity of content closely related to residents' lives can attract the attention of community residents, and the careful reading rate of advertisements can be greatly improved. At the same time, the community LED display has a high degree of credibility, authority, public welfare media advantages. In addition to urban districts, with the deepening of government projects such as "beautiful countryside", "new countryside" and "village-to-village communication", LED display is expected to be widely used in some wealthy rural areas.

2. Gas stations: With the further development of outdoor small space products, gas stations will be a promising market for LED display industry. From the perspective of media value of gas stations, gas stations have unique media advantages. Firstly, gas stations cover a wide range of audiences, and are in the process of growing. According to the survey data, about 3.39 billion vehicles entered Sinopec's gas station in the whole year. According to the average number of two people per vehicle, the audience of the gas station reached 6.78 billion, i.e. 185.75 million people per day. Secondly, the main audience of the gas station is the car-owning group, with relatively high average income, and the audience of the gas station is adults, which is the mainstream consumer population, especially for the gas station. Automobile, cosmetics, electronic products, financial insurance and other consumer demand is strong, so for these categories of advertisers, gas station media has a certain marketing value; third, gas station media consumers have sufficient media contact time, predictable advertising arrival rate is high. According to the survey data, the average refueling frequency of the people with cars is 4.6 days, and the average length of stay at the gas station is 5.3 minutes. When the audience refuels, they have enough time to contact the media of the gas station, which ensures a high advertising arrival rate and contact degree.
Gas station media network is the only national media network for car drivers and owners, which is one of the richest groups in China. Through the promotion of LED screen, this influential media network will be more able to meet the needs of advertisers and generate more economic value.

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