What are the Differences between LED Glass Screen and LED Transparent Screen?


1. Different structure

The LED glass screen is a kind of highly customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to fix the light-emitting diode structure layer between two layers of glass and falls in the scope of the bright screen. It can only draw different graphics (stars, patterns, body shapes, etc.) according to different items, thus can't play any videos and pictures as a transparent LED screen can do.

The LED transparent screen adopts the SMD chip packaging technique to stick the lamp into the groove of the PCB, which can be made into a standard box and installed customized according to project requirements.

2. Installment

Installing LED glass screen requires some specially reserved place when designing the building, and then installing the architectural glass to the glass frame. There is no way to install the LED glass screen to the existing glass curtain wall because the LED glass screen  is installed during the construction of the glass curtain wall.

The LED transparent screen, however, can be installed and applied anywhere. It has extremely strong compatibility, which enables various installing styles, such as fixed installation, base installation, hoisting, and surface-mounting. At present, Haoxiang Optoelectronics is the only manufacturer that can provide the waterproof and outdoor-applied LED transparent screen.

3. Product weight

The LED glass screen products are equipped with luminous glass, the weight of which is 28kg/㎡.

The LED transparent screen products are light and transparent, with the PCB thickness of 1-4mm, and the screen weight of 10kg/㎡.

4. Maintenance

There is almost no way to maintain the LED glass screen unless dismantling the structure of the existing building and replacing the entire glass screen, which is extremely expensive.

However, the maintenance of the LED transparent screen is convenient and quick, saving manpower, material, and financial resources.

XMOZU AIOT company can provide you with not only the LED glass screen but also with the LED transparent screen. So please feel free to tell us your needs and we will select the most suitable products for you.