What is the big LED digital display for standing people? Characteristics of Ground LED digital displ

All in one 2019-01-07

                   What is the LED screen that can stand people? "A flat LED screen on the ground, which can stand people, and can step on it..." I believe many friends have heard about it. This kind of screen is called the ground LED screen, which is usually called the LED floor tile screen in the industry. Now let's get to know.

What is a ground LED digital display?

It is an LED display screen for ground display. It has been specially designed for load-bearing, protection and heat dissipation, so that it can adapt to high-intensity trampling and run normally for a long time.
Realization of Interactive Function of Ground LED Screen

On the basis of the ground LED screen, the inductive interaction function is added. The ground LED screen is equipped with pressure sensor or capacitive sensor or infrared sensor. When a person moves on the ground screen, the sensor can sense the position of the person and feedback the trigger information to the main controller. Then the main controller can output the corresponding display effect after logical judgment.
For example, with the help of infrared sensing, human motion can be tracked, human activities can be followed to present instant picture effect, so as to achieve such effects as actors and audience walking, water ripple under feet, flower opening and so on.

Characteristics of Ground LED Screen

1. Fast and flexible installation: direct rail installation, without the help of tools.
2. High load-bearing capacity: the load-bearing capacity reaches 1.5 tons per mu.
3. Easy maintenance: direct exchange does not require the removal of adjacent boxes.
4. High contrast: technology design mask, clear playback effect.
5. Low brightness and high gray, showing uniform gray level and good consistency.
6. Safety protection, surface grinding technology treatment mask, anti-skid and anti-glare.