Let’s explore 10,000 possibilities of LED screen in media field.

All in one 2019-01-05

                   As early as a few years ago, LED digital display has gradually replaced the traditional street signs, light boxes, single pillars, neon lights and other forms of single outdoor media, becoming the darling of outdoor advertising media. With the continuous innovation of LED digital display technology, it has gradually begun to enter the indoor advertising media.

LED digital display is used in high-speed outdoor advertising. It has large screen area, dazzling color, wide visual angle, strong visual impact, good visual distance and super-clear screen. Combined with unique space advantages, it can always attract the eyes of past people. The large color outdoor LED screen saves more than 30% energy than the conventional screen, which caters to the development concept of "green city".

Outdoor LED display is more and more popular with advertisers and audiences because of its high definition, wide visual angle and large-area interaction functions. Its radiation range is gradually expanding from first-and second-tier cities to third-and fourth-tier cities. Outdoor full-color LED screens can always be seen in busy commercial centers, buildings and landmarks.

LED display screen into the city's bustling commercial street, it becomes a competing place for businessmen. It is not only the embodiment of the prosperity of city economy and commerce, but also the epitome of city culture and quality. It is wonderful everywhere.

Airports, high-speed railway stations, motor stations and bus customer stations are important transportation hubs for people to travel now. Powerful colourful LED advertising screen occupies the key and advantageous position of waiting room, entrance and exit. Bright colour, clear image, synchronization of audio and video, and amazing visual effect all show strong advertising charm, which is conducive to the shaping and dissemination of brand image.

The LED display screen has high refresh rate and gray scale, and the display screen is more vivid and delicate. The application of high-definition full-color large screen has brought a new style with different flavor to the digital advertising marketing of shopping malls. Under the support of multimedia information publishing system, rich advertising content, wonderful and dynamic advertising pictures, firmly grasp the eyes of customers coming and going to shopping malls.

LED display advertising car combines automobiles with large-scale LED display organically. It has rich and diverse broadcast content, saves construction time and has good visual effect. It is widely used in product promotion, brand promotion, talent selection activities, sales on-site display and so on. Whether it is in streets, alleys, communities, business zones, it can be widely publicized in any target market area that customers need.
With its exquisite and unique shape, innovative and flexible transformation form and amazing visual effect, LED rotary screen has become a new landmark building. No matter where it is installed, it can easily attract people's attention and become the "finishing touch" in the scene.