Technological Innovation of LED Display Screen revealing the Windvane of Commercial Display Market

All in one 2019-01-08

                   With the continuous development of commerce, the demand for products and brands is increasing, and the modern display technology of LED, which includes outdoor and indoor, is more and more popular.

It is understood that at present, the LED digital display is developing towards small spacing, alienation and intellectualization, constantly meeting the different needs of users for color, screen, extreme creativity and so on. In addition to the unique shape changes, such as spherical, arc, rhombic, cylindrical and other LED creative special-shaped led transparent screens are constantly emerging, LED digital displays are more integrated with the application of virtual reality, augmented reality, multi-screen interaction, expression recognition, human screen interaction and other innovative technologies, so that hardware, software and scenes can cooperate with each other, breaking through the traditional and simple display function. Now the intelligent control makes the LED digital display application become a big "eye-catching" tool in the display market.

Some transparent led display manufacturers believe that LED display has become one of the most important ways to highlight culture and personality in future cities. Environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration and other places in the future will also appear more and better LED display applications. Therefore, enterprises need to constantly improve their creative LED display technology, take the road of innovation technology and creative application.